Star History Monthly Pick | March 2023 / ChatGPT Edition
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Star History Monthly Pick | March 2023 / ChatGPT Edition

Mila 3 min read

ChatGPT is getting all the heat these days, and the new trend in the DevTools department seems to be ChatGPT-based. Let's take a look at a few handy AI-enhanced tools to make your life easier😋.



Auto-GPT is powered by GPT-4 and can autonomously reflect on and improve its behavior. For example, if you plan to create an application program, you really only need to describe it using natural language, and Auto-GPT can automatically generate and execute the code, as well as independently debug and fix any issues.

Although Auto-GPT is not a mature product and only an experiment (yet), imagine AI running completely autonomously to complete your daily work for you is just around the corner is still mind-blowing.

🧠 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts


It's not easy to come up with effective prompts every time. Someone compiled a collection of commonly used prompts, such as asking ChatGPT to be your social media manager or helping you translate what you wrote into emojis 🤷‍♀️.


ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin


This is a plugin by the almighty OpenAI themselves. By connecting ChatGPT to an instance of a vector database, you can use natural language queries to perform semantic searches and retrievals on personal or organizational documents, thereby obtaining the most relevant document fragments.


Moreover, this plugin can memorize and save fragments of your conversation with ChatGPT to a vector database, allowing ChatGPT to remember and retrieve information from your previous conversations.



Glarity is a Chrome extension that provides summaries for web pages, such as summaries of Google search results/YouTube videos/news pages (no more browsing through pages or watching long videos!).


OpenAI Translator


OpenAI Translator is a browser extension/desktop application for translation. In addition to basic translation functions, it can also polish, summarize, and analyze your content (and even explain code), maximizing AI's contribution to the language department. (Sidenote: Google Translate and DeepL, y'all need to take notes 😢).




OpenPrompt can actually be looked at as GitHub for ChatGPT: you can create, search, use, and share ChatGPT Prompts.




ShareGPT is a Chrome extension that can generate a permanent link for your conversation with ChatGPT. This way, you can easily share your conversation with your friends without having to take multiple screenshots.

For example, check out @steventey's discussion with ChatGPT regarding the meaning of life:

It's also worth mentioning Vicuna is trained by fine-tuning a LLaMA base model using approximately 70,000 user-shared conversations gathered from ShareGPT. And the results are quite encouraging according to their own benchmark.

SQL Chat


SQL Chat is a chat-based SQL client. You can interact with your databases (currently supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL) using natural language directly in the dialogue box. Check out our first impression of SQL Chat.

Big thumbs up for the newly added support for Dark Mode 🧛!


My Two Pennies 🪙

With ChatGPT in our lives, it seems like we don't have to do much of anything anymore: does that mean we are soon to be replaced by AI?

The ideal solution would be to have AI help us improve efficiency and do things better. Letting ChatGPT help us write SQL doesn't mean we don't need to master SQL and database knowledge proficiently; or having an AI code assistant doesn't mean we don't need to master the art of coding. Instead, it means we can focus on the more important things and let AI do the dirty work.