SQL Chat - Chat With Your Database
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SQL Chat - Chat With Your Database

Mila 2 min read

SQL Chat is an open-source chat-based SQL client. It’s built by the folks at Bytebase, a database DevOps tool for teams to manage database changes efficiently, you can see why this combination can’t go wrong: a SQL client hand-crafted by a team that deals with databases. Bytebase has actually already integrated ChatGPT capabilities into their product in an older version, but apparently, it didn’t meet their expectations. They came out with a great replacement instead: SQL Chat.



Ease of Use

SQL Chat’s UI is rather straightforward. At first glance, it looks like the ChatGPT UI a lot, but with a few tweaks, for example, you can create a database connection, and start a chat within there.

Connect directly to databases

What makes SQL Chat really stand out is that you can connect directly to your database and ask the bot questions or query your database right from the chat dialog. Right now only MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported but we are hopeful that more databases are going to be available once the requests start pouring in.


Low (Free) Cost

As of now, it's 100% free to use (although we don't know if the author plans to roll out a pricing plan anytime soon). To add to that, SQL Chat is open-source, so you can always self-host your own.

Our Thoughts on SQL Chat

With the advent of Generative AI, we are currently witnessing a seismic shift in the way how we interact with tools and software, ditching the traditional GUI-based and transitioning to chat-based. And SQL Chat looks like a great tool to help you builders build.