Tabby: Self-hosted AI Coding Assistant
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Tabby: Self-hosted AI Coding Assistant

Tianzhou 1 min read

Tabby is an AI coding assistant that's designed as an open-source tool to help developers code faster. It debuted on HackerNews last week and caught our attention.


Looking at its GitHub star history.


With its advanced algorithms and machine learning, Tabby provides a seamless coding experience to developers by predicting coding patterns and suggesting code snippets. With Tabby, developers can save time and improve their coding efficiency, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.


  • Editor Extensions support: VSCode, VIM.
  • Self-contained, with no need for a DBMS or cloud service.
  • Web UI for visualizing and configuration models and MLOps.
  • Consumer level GPU supports (FP-16 weight loading with various optimization).


However, it is important to note that Tabby is still in its alpha phase and is not ready for production use. Nevertheless, despite being in development, it demonstrates significant potential in enhancing coding efficiency and streamlining workflows for developers.

If you are a developer looking for an AI-based coding assistant, you should give Tabby a try.


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