Star History Monthly Pick | April 2023
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Star History Monthly Pick | April 2023

Mila 3 min read

AI is still the trend of April. But amidst the AICG wave, we still managed to locate some interesting projects that are not directly related to ChatGPT / LLM / AI / ML, kudos to us!



Azimutt is an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) targeting real world database schema, and they are usually big & messy.


The problem with existing database table tools:

  • Traditional ERDs always show everything. When you have more than 50 tables, they are useless.
  • Data catalogs are primarily focused on data governance and lineage in big data sector.

Azimutt was originally built to simply help developers understand the relational databases behind their applications more easily, but has now evolved to design, explore, document, and analyze databases.



Ballerine is an open-source startup focused on user risk decisioning infrastructure that helps banks or Fintech companies automate their decisions for customer and business account-opening (KYC, KYB). They actually just announced a $5 million seed round of funding last week.

Financial institutions, for example, certainly want to onboard new customers at a minimal cost, but they also have to find a balance between speed and their responsibility to relevant regulations to ensure there is no fraud, and Ballerine is here to help them do that smoothly.

Their debut on HN was also a big success (although there is a certain randomness in being on the HN frontpage, but we do love the creativity of the title)




Linen is a search engine friendly community chat tool that can be used as an alternative to Discord or Slack.


SEO-friendly is obviously helpful for many communities, but the idea of a chat tool being indexed by Google got some folks alerted. Whether "Google searchable" is a brilliant idea or not remains to be seen.



Plane is the open-source Jira/Linear alternative.

The UI doesn't look far off from other PM tools, but they have incorporated OpenAI capabilities. For example, you can use AI to generate descriptions for your issues.


Twitter Algorithm

Finally, of course, let's not not forget Twitter's algorithm, open-sourced on April Fool's. It got ~30k Stargazers on the first day alone.


In addition to Elon's own warm-up on his social media, the hype is also high because the recommendation ranking algorithm for most companies is top secret. This is definitely a first🤫.

However, things are changing at lightning speed at Twitter Engineering⚡️. They have made changes to the algorithm already, marketers, make sure you are up to speed.


Last but not least

That's it for April. As promised, almost no AI-related content! Isn't that refreshing.

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