Starlet #6 Hoppscotch - The Open Source API Platform for Developers
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Starlet #6 Hoppscotch - The Open Source API Platform for Developers

Liyas Thomas 3 min read

This is the sixth issue of The Starlet List. If you want to prompt your open source project on for free, please check out our announcement.

Hoppscotch is a community-driven open-source API platform started in 2019, as an open-source alternative to Postman. The goal was to build a lightweight API request builder that works for everyone regardless of their system specification to test their APIs. Today, Hoppscotch is one of the most loved API Platforms by developers with over 1M+ users and 54k+ stars on GitHub. Hoppscotch is also the only API platform that you can self-host and have ownership of your data!

Why use Hoppscotch?

Hoppscotch is packed with features that are user-friendly and moreover, open-source. Getting started with Hoppscotch is very fast and anyone can test their APIs in a matter of seconds. Here’s why you should use Hoppscotch:

  • Accessibility: Hoppscotch works on the web and one can use Hoppscotch from anywhere in the world. Simply visit and you can start testing your APIs. It’s fast and frictionless.
  • Free: Hoppscotch has a cloud edition and a self-host community edition which is completely free to use.
  • Open source: Hoppscotch is built by the community from the ground up! With over 200+ contributors along with a dedicated core team of core developers working to bring the best of API testing.
  • On-premise: Hoppscotch can be self-hosted and you can have complete control over your data! Hoppscotch also has a dedicated enterprise edition with enterprise features such as SAML/SSO and audit logs which can be self-hosted by organizations.


Hoppscotch is packed with features to help developers and testers to work at peak efficiency.

  • Workspaces: Hoppscotch enables you to collaborate easily with your team with workspaces. Workspaces are free to use and you can set access level permissions for your teammates.
  • Collections: Hoppscotch supports collections in both REST and GraphQL platforms and you can also import collections from other API platforms easily.
  • Clients: Hoppscotch supports a wide variety of clients including REST, GraphQL, and Realtime protocols including, MQTT, SSE, Socket.IO, and WebSocket.
  • Cross-platform: Hoppscotch can be used from any operating system and from any web browser and you can easily install Hoppscotch as a PWA.
  • Inspections: Hoppscotch has a dedicated feature to help you debug your requests and correct them when you make minor mistakes when configuring requests.

We highly recommend you take a look at the Hoppscotch Documentation to learn more about the app.

Open Source

Hoppscotch is one of the most popular open-source repositories and the community has been their backbone from day one. Thanks to the community they’ve reached over 54,000+ stars on GitHub!

Star History

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The road ahead

We have a lot planned ahead for Hoppscotch including a Desktop application! The vision for Hoppscotch is to become the API platform that enables developers and testers to manage their entire API lifecycle from inception to finish while providing the best developer experience.