Starlet #12 Wasp: the fastest way to develop full-stack web apps with React & Node.js
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Starlet #12 Wasp: the fastest way to develop full-stack web apps with React & Node.js

Matija Sosic 3 min read

This is the twelfth issue of The Starlet List. If you want to prompt your open source project on for free, please check out our announcement.


Wasp is a fully open-source, full-stack web framework for React, Node.js, and Prisma. Use it to develop and deploy any web application backed by a database with all the common features ready out-of-the-box, without any 3rd party services - authentication, cron jobs, sending emails, …

Wasp is currently in Beta and has been used to create over 25,000 projects. It also has its own GPT-powered SaaS starter that you can use for free to create a full-stack app codebase from a short description.

How it works?


Wasp is based on a simple configuration language backed by a custom-made compiler. This lets Wasp understand your web app's complete structure and requirements, from front-end to database and even deployment, resulting in faster development and much less boilerplate code.


The best part is that you still write most of your code in the stack you already know, React & Node.js, and have complete flexibility to use your favorite npm libraries. Wasp is just a tool to help you move faster, with best practices included.

What you get

  • Full-stack authentication - username/email & password or social auth (google, github). No 3rd party services
  • Full-stack type-safety - full TypeScript support with auto-generated types across the whole stack
  • Typesafe RPC - no API; your data models and server logic are instantly brought to the client
  • One-line deployment - deploy to any platform; Wasp CLI offers powerful helpers
  • Async jobs - easily define, schedule, and run specialized server tasks
  • Email sending - just connect an email provider or use SMTP
  • Powerful CLI - Wasp CLI covers everything from running your app, database migrations to deployment
  • And more! - Custom API routes, database seeding, automatic cache invalidation, …


Made with Wasp

Getting started

  1. Install Wasp:

    curl -sSL | sh
  2. Create a new project with a SaaS template:

    wasp new <my-new-project> -t saas
  3. Run it!

    wasp start

For more details, check out the docs:

Learn more about Wasp

Wasp has had a pretty solid Year 2023, and in October alone we doubled our stars, growing from 4k to 8k🚀.

Star History Chart

If you'd like to learn more and try out Wasp for yourself, visit our site!