Star History Monthly Pick | December 2022
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Star History Monthly Pick | December 2022

Mila 2 min read

The goreleaser/goreleaser-cross repo has only 26 stars, while goreleaser/goreleaser has 10k+ stars. It could mean that using goeleaser-cross has some risks.

This is a quote from a previous Bytebase (our main hustle) blog, "How to cross compile with CGO using GoReleaser and GitHub Actions" and it received the following comment on Reddit: stars cut right to the chase.

reddit comment

While stars are not the most important metric for open-source projects, star history is a way to measure trends in a project such as whether it is maintained over time, whether it works, and how well it is recognized.

Every day (well, almost) we share some interesting open-source projects on the @StarHistoryHQ Twitter account.

Each month, we will select some of these projects and make a collection. DM us if you'd like to see your project featured! 🤓

star history twitter

✍️ memos

memos star history

memos is a lightweight notebook/knowledge base that supports private deployments to quickly jot down your ideas, and also supports recording and sharing like Twitter.

It has a rich and active community with many third-party tools contributed by community users, including:

  • Native APP: iOS and Android
  • Chrome Plugin
  • WeChat applets
  • Telegram bot
  • Logseq plugin

memos demo


StepCI is a CI tool that can help you test and monitor your (numerous) APIs.

stepci demo

What's remarkable is that their star history graph also looks like a step ;)

stepci star history


greptimedb star history

GreptimeDB (again, as its name suggests) is a distributed time-series database.

From the internal design doc, they mentioned “Folks are also looking for seamless shifting and scaling because they are holding too much data but receiving too little value from it. They are keen to have better analysis and insights. It's hard, but it's not all impossible.”

greptimedb architecture


duckdb star history

(Curious about what happened in late 2020 tho)

DuckDB is an analytical database with an SQLite-like architecture that can run and analyze data in a running process. MotherDuck, which recently announced $47.5 million in Series A funding, is based on DuckDB.

what's duckdb

Well that's it for now folks, see you next month!