Introducing Star History Forum
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Introducing Star History Forum

Tianzhou 1 min read

As the de-facto site to check GitHub star history, has been growing steadily over the years. Today, it is welcoming 30,000+ unique visitors.

Comparing to other sites, this is an intimidating small number, while the open source talents density here is high. Many open source project maintainers check our site routinely. Engineers and investors also use our site to compare similar projects.

Many popular GitHub projects, in particular, from the recent AI wave, have also embedded our live chart in their README.

Last year, we also started Starlet List, a free program to promote open source projects. Since then, we have received a lot of open source project nominations and have compiled 18 issues.

To scale the community, today we introduce another endeavor, the star history forum at To retain the sketchy spirit, we use the discourse classic theme to build the forum.

Our star history editorial team will hang out there and pick interesting goodies to share with the community. See you there!